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Phone or vintageshades gmail. Handmade Victorian lampshades are our specialty. We also make custom Deco, Edwardian, Nouveau, and Asian style lampshades. Victorian bed lamps are custom made lampshades that fit over the headboard of your bed or they can be used over the top of a mirror or mounted on the wall. Bridge lamps with uno fitters are hard to find and antique bridge lamp shades are often unusable.

Our vintage bridge lamp shades are made to look and feel like the original shades. On Line Store. Wire Lampshade Frames. Victorian Lampshade Gallery. Customer Quotes. How To Order.

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Medium Size Shades. Victorian Shade Shields. Links to Other Sites. Historic Photos of Bedford Iowa. Custom made shades with the finest trims and fabrics make all the difference. The custom designed lampshades you see here are made by us in our studio. We use the finest silks and velvets and our trim options include vintage lace, metallic and imported braiding, beaded fringes, and hand-dyed rayon fringe. Victorian bed lamps and bridge lamp shades are two types we custom design for clients around the world.

We are located in the US and ship world wide. Antique lampshade restoration is an area in which we have considerable experience. Working on authentic antique lampshades has shown us much about the antique artistry involved in making shades a century ago. We strive to duplicate this vintage look. I just wanted to tell you that I received the shade in perfect shape I have been away on vacation and am only now getting to tell you that the shade is just breathtaking!

Every day I fall more in love with it I really appreciate the way that you worked with me throughout the process and were able to envision what I wanted. I was a little nervous about trying to do a custom shade over the internet, but it couldn't have been a more inclusive and interactive process. Bridge Lamp Shades. Custom Lampshades. Shade Repair. Chandelier Shades. Lampshade Frames and Supplies. Images may not be reproduced without expressed permission.Heather Ross Rice Paper Lanterns.

Print our most current price list. Approximately 62 pages depending on your printer. Or print the prices for individual categories. At the top of each category you will find a link to the corresponding price list.

Lampshade Making Supplies.

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After your order has been placed and your merchandise has been packed and weighed we will email or phone you with the shipping charges, according to USPS or UPS published rates. With your approval we will add the shipping charges to your invoice, charge your credit card and send your order on its way. Accurate shipping can only be determined after the packages have been weighed and measured. New Pricing Policy as of February 23 There have been a number of price increases from our suppliers and we finally have to make some changes.

All published prices will be quoted as retail.

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The discount will be applied to any qualifying order. For the largest selection of lamp finials visit www.

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We understand the craft of lampshade making! No lampshade supply order is too big or too small for The Lamp Shop to fill!

lamp shade frame

You can contact us by email at info lampshop. If you would prefer to reach us by phone please call during normal business hours. If you would like to fax your lampshade supplies order feel free to use our 24 hour fax line, Fax: Email: info lampshop.

Lampshade Frame Sale. If you are new to the craft of making lampshades we suggest that you start with one of our step-by-step instructional lampshade kits. We offer four different lampshade kits which will assist you in learning how to make lampshades. Save on select lampshade frames while supplies last! Product Price List. Save on dozens of clearance items while supplies last!

New Pricing Policy as of February 23There have been a number of price increases from our suppliers and we finally have to make some changes.A lampshade is one of those seemingly inconsequential additions that you make to your room, which end up becoming the main attraction. This article will give you some ideas on how you can make paper lampshades to further enhance the aesthetics of your home.

A friend of mine had a sudden urge for some instant home decorating. While helping her discard some of her stuff, I came across few old paper lampshade frames. The first thing that struck me was that these frames can be converted into a brilliant piece of art or at least a decent table accessory. So, we both took it up as a project and the final product was excellent.

Given below are the various options you can try to make some gorgeous ones yourself! Basic Style This is the most basic method. Use a stencil to draw out whatever design you want on the paper. Once the design is finalized, draw it on the main paper which you have cut out in the shape of the frame.

lamp shade frame

Paint it using oil paint or fabric paint as they look brighter and more vibrant than water colors. After the paint has dried, stick the paper on the frame with the heavy duty glue. Let it dry for a while and your new paper lampshade is ready to shine! Would you like to write for us? Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk Take a big sheet of rice paper and cut it out according to the shape of your lampshade frame.

Keep the edges a little longer than the frame so that they can be glued easily to it. Draw the design of your choice on the paper. Use sparkling glue to outline the designs and paste mirrors and beads wherever you think necessary.

Stick a shiny ribbon or lace on the rim of the lampshade.

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Allow everything to dry completely and then place it on the frame. Instead of beads and mirrors, you can use any other material that you think will highlight your individuality the best!

Vintage Shades & Antique Lamps

Using a strong and sharp pair of scissors make a wonderful paper cutting design on the paper that you intend to use. You can check out various kirigami designs for it.

Keep the wire outline of the frame in mind when you make this design. Once your design is ready stick it carefully around the wire frame and place it on the lamp base. Apart from the above mentioned methods, you can also create a personalized masterpiece by trying out some of the following ideas. Lamps brighten up a dull room, and give an elegant ambiance to your room interior. These were some innovative DIY tips for making paper lampshades.Use wide ribbon instead of fabric by cutting it to the appropriate length and attaching it to the circles.

A lampshades adds color and style to a lamp, enhancing the surrounding furnishings in the room as well as diffusing light. Lampshades come in many different shapes, styles, fabrics and materials. Creating your own lampshade from scratch requires some concentration and instruction, but allows you to customize it to your taste and the style of your room. With a few simple materials, you can create your own custom lampshade in two to three hours.

Determine the diameter of the bottom of the lampshade. Use an old lampshade as a guide or draw circles of varying diameters on a piece of paper. Cut out the circles and hold each one over the lamp to select the appropriate diameter for the bottom of the lampshade. Determine the diameter of the top of the lampshade and draw it on a piece of paper. Create a drum shade with the top and bottom frames of equal diameters, or create a tapered lampshade with a smaller top frame and larger bottom frame.

Cut out a template for the size you want. Using the paper templates you made in Steps 1 and 2 as guides, make two circles from the wire coat hangers for the top and bottom frames of your lampshade. Use one piece of hanger wire for each frame. Twist the hanger wire into a circle and secure the ends by twisting them together with pliers. Clip off any excess wire with a wire cutter.

lamp shade frame

Calculate the distance you want between the top and bottom of the lampshade. Hold up the two wire circles you made in Step 4 to determine the ideal distance between them. The top and bottom of the lampshade should extend at least two inches above and below the light bulb on the lamp, so it casts a diffused light rather than a glaring light.

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Cut approximately 10 pieces of wire to the length determined in Step 5, adding four inches to the total height you have chosen for the lampshade. You will use the extra four inches for attaching the vertical pieces of wire to the wire circles. Attach each vertical piece of wire to the top circle of your lampshade frame. Use the top two inches of the vertical piece to wind two or three times around the top wire circle using pliers.

Press in the end firmly with the pliers. Space the vertical wires evenly around the top circle.A lamp shade's frame will feature fitter parts which extend inward to connect with the lamp base. A lamp most often features a harp fitter which rises up from below the lamp socket and provides a platform on which the lampshade can sit, secured by a finial. Lamp shades are made with a metal wire frame which holds their shape and provides lightweight support.

Usually some part of the frame features arms which extend from the top rim of the lampshade, in towards the center. Here they usually join together at a ring or disc, which has a hole in the center. This is referred to as a "spider" fitter. Sometimes these fitters will feature notches to rest on top of the rim of a glass reflector bowl. The lamp harp is a piece of shaped wire, similar to the lampshade frame, which rises up from below the lamp socket, up around the light bulb and joining at the top.

A threaded post is joined to the top of the harp on which a lampshade can be positioned. An alternative approach to attach a lamp shade to a lamp is with an uno fitterwhich is built into a lamp shade's frame for uno lampshades.

Wires from the top of the lampshade extend much further downwards, below the bulb socket, where they attach with a threaded ring. This can sometimes also allow a shade to be mounted upside down, such as for a lamp which hangs over and downward. Measuring a lampshade will help you to find the right size shade for your lamp. Follow these tips for correct measuring. Measure a lamp shade using a straight ruler or taught tape measure, measuring only in inches.

You will need three measurements:. Note: Do not measure the "vertical" height. Always measure the slant from the outside edge of the top rim to the outside of the bottom rim, even if the sides of the lampshade are actually vertical.

For oval or rectangular shades, please note there will be two additional measurements, due to the fact that the shade is wider than it is front-to-back. When you don't actually have an existing shade to measure, and only have the base of the lamp, you'll need to estimate what size your replacement lamp shade should be. In general, the taller the lamp is, the larger the shade will be needed, to maintain a sense of proportion.

Easy Tips on How to Make Lampshade Frames

A large lamp shade on a small table lamp won't look right. And a small lampshade on a large table lamp won't look right. Be sure you have inch separation from bulb to shade, especially for higher wattage bulbs. Be sure the top opening is wide enough to vent the heat. Compact Fluorescent bulbs are great for most lamps because they burn cooler, but you may need larger harp since CFL's are taller than standard light bulbs. Most table lamps take a shade with a bottom diameter of 16" or less, unless the table lamp is especially tall.

Measure the lamp's height from the bottom of the base to just below the bulb socket. Try to find a lampshade with a bottom width approximately equal to this measurement. A second factor to consider is the height, which will be somewhat affected by the shape.A lamp can either you cost a small fortune or reflect your creative side -- if you make your own lampshade. Every great lampshade starts with a frame, so hunt for the perfect quirky shape on which to hang your tchotchkes, glue your fabric or pin your dreams.

If you find a great enough frame, you may not even want to cover it.

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Turn a wire basket upside-down for an instant lampshade frame, either covered in fabric or left bare so the bones reveal the bulb inside. An egg basket, bread or fruit basket, small magazine, trash or decorative basket flips to house a reproduction vintage bulb or a squiggle of compact fluorescent. Stretch and glue fabric over the basket, wind skinny colorful balloons around it, clip tiny craft clothespins to it to hold vellum scraps of poetry or inspirational words scribbled in calligraphy.

A wire basket pendant is suitable for a lamp over a kitchen island or work station, dining table, or eclectic conversation area in the living room. String two metal or bamboo embroidery hoops of the same size together with monofilament or very fine chain, separated by a foot or more to form a cylinder.

Stretch fabric in neon colors makes a fun, bright and casual lampshade over two loosely connected hoops. Looped multi-hued string makes a cat's cradle of a shade, tricky to string together but impressive enough to be worth the challenge.

Ribbon knotted over the top hoop and around the bottom hoop so the "tails" hang down is an unexpected pendant for the reading corner of a child's room. Painted or embroidered silk, shirred over both hoops to form a gleaming, gathered cylinder, is luxurious enough for an Asian-themed living room or a formal bedroom. Clean up an old wire birdcage and ditch the bottom to create the frame for a lampshade -- or the lamp itself.

An ornate wire cage may be spray-painted to match decor, or faux painted to turn the bars verdigris or tarnished silver. Hook crystal pendants salvaged from an old chandelier around the bottom rim, or wire random silk flowers here and there on the bars of the cage. A hanging cage will have a hook ready to use, but you may need to rearrange the top to accommodate wiring and a socket for a pendant. A lamp harp, spider and finial might be necessary to adapt the birdcage to become a floor lamp.

Cannibalize two old square bell lampshades to remove the frames from the tattered or dated coverings. Keep one spider in what will be the top of the finished shade and discard the spider from the lower shade. Glue the square bottoms of the frames together with industrial-strength adhesive, using pinch clothespins as clamps. Once the joined frames have dried, remove the clamps and begin wrapping the wire with narrow grosgrain ribbon, gluing it to the wire as you go.

Cover the entire wire frame in ribbon. The spare geometric ribbon shade works for a table lamp or pendant with a reproduction vintage bulb. Benna Crawford has been a journalist and New York-based writer since Crawford has a degree in theater, is a certified Prana Yoga instructor, and writes about fitness, performing and decorative arts, culture, sports, business and education.Welcome to our new website. Click on above link Prices shown are for the frame only - finished shade not included.

The Uno fitter is threaded on the inside and fastens directly to a socket with threads on the outside. Click on these pictures to enlarge. If you have a regular Washer Top 3-spider frame, it can be converted to fit a bridge lamp with a WT to Uno adapter shown in picture below on the left side. Click here for explanation on difference between Uno fitter and Euro fitter.

Antique Square discontinued. Oval, bottom 8 x 10" x 8" high. Uno fitter recessed 2", 8-panel frame. Click on this picture to enlarge so you can see four straight-side Hexagon styles in stock. Recessed Uno no longer available. We have the largest selection of Uno-fitter lampshade frames for bridge lamps.

Bridge Lamp Shade Frames Click on above link Prices shown are for the frame only - finished shade not included. Click on images to enlarge. Used for double-arm table lamps with Uno sockets. Antique Square discontinued 3 x 10 x 9, fitter dropped 2" See Loop frame, same style, only smaller. Click on pictures of lampshades to enlarge.



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