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8th air force bases in england

Willis Frazier, the Operations Officer of the Squadron was asked to speak about the Norden bombsight - because he had one! Willis began his presentation with - why do I have one?

I have no operational use for the Norden bombsight, but it's nice for "show and tell". I would like to talk about the complete bomb system. First, a word about the time of day when the Eighth Air Force carried out its missions. We bombed only during daylight hours. We bombed during daylight hours because it was necessary before the introduction of airborne radar to visually see the target when using the Norden bombsight, and our leaders wanted to use the Norden bombsight because of its accuracy.

Secondly, a few words on a subject I feel strongly about. We bombed military targets, although the target names do not indicate that. As an example, Merseburg was listed as a target. We did not bomb Merseburg, but bombed the synthetic oil plant outside of Merseburg. The target on D-Day was listed as Courseulles-sur-mer, but we bombed the beaches to explode mines so that the Canadians could come ashore.

On the mission to Cauvicourt, France, where Wally Blackwell and crew, with the exception of the tail gunner killed by flak, were forced to bail out, the target was not Cauvicourt. On the mission to le Manoir, France, where Hal Weekley and crew were forced to bail out, the target was not le Manoir, but a railroad bridge over the Seine River to prevent escape of the retreating German forces following the battle of Normandy.

The bombardier was a most essential part of the bombing system. Allen Ostrom in the Flak News published a short poem which began. Not being a man of letters, I looked up debonair in the dictionary. Debonair means suave, nonchalant, urbane, affable, gracious, genial and of good disposition.

The description fits the bombardiers I have known. One could generally spot a bombardier by his posture. The shoulder that carried the heavy bomb-sight to the airplane would develop a downward set.

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Another mark of the bombardier was the black ring around an eye. Black material from a black rubber cushion on the bombsight telescope would rub off on the bombardier's face. Our crew bombardier was also gracious and genial. On retiring to my hut one evening I observed said bombardier and several buddies playing cards.

Typically, they were playing on a foot locker covered with an olive drab army blanket, and in the middle of the blanket was a half empty bottle of bourbon. I recognized the bottle as mine, to be opened only upon completion of my missions. Maintaining his cool and being generous all the way with my bourbon, the bombardier said, "Willie, have a drink. The above bombardier, Capt. Les Veley, later saved my life when I passed out over Germany because of lack of oxygen.

My oxygen mask had become slightly loose because an attaching snap had torn off of my leather helmet.

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Lynn Prather took over piloting the aircraft, and called Les back from the nose compartment. Les held my oxygen mask to my face, and set the oxygen regulator to deliver percent oxygen.An American seeking the ghosts of the U. But within minutes of taking off in my rented car, I was lost. An abandoned U. Army Air Forces airfield? I soon went wrong. Sixty years on, it remains the heartland of the Eighth Air Force legend.

The U. Between andthree million U. By itself, the U. Compared with U. Inone in seven residents of Suffolk County was American.

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Batley was clutching the heavy metal lariat of keys that it takes to pass through the layers of padlocks, deadbolts, and alarm boxes that guard what remains of the Eighth at Thorpe Abbotts today. Gone are the concrete runways, hardstands, hangars, barracks, mess halls, bomb dumps, fire-fighting ponds, and, of course, big-tail Boeing B bombers. In the old tower and its highly eclectic museum I began to feel what life must have been like for the young Americans who once lived here and for the English people who watched them fly off to battle every morning.

He vividly remembers standing outside and watching a shot-up B fly by at rooftop height, popping flares, leaking fuel, and jettisoning gear as it swooped in for an emergency landing. Everett was delighted by the sound and spectacle.

Then one afternoon, while cycling home from school, Everett watched a B sail across the road just in front of him, crashing about yards away.

Seven of the 10 aboard were killed. He also recalls the day a th Bomb Group gunner, standing outside his ball turret, accidentally set off the.

8th Air Force

In Everett was one of the first volunteers that Mike Harvey, another local boy, lured into what seemed a hopeless mission to rescue the Thorpe Abbotts control tower. Harvey had been only seven inbut he too had many memories of the U. Before his death inHarvey gave his energy and mad dreaming to preserving Thorpe Abbotts.

The English farmers who took back their fields after the air station closed in stored straw for pigs in the derelict tower. The glass house on the tower roof had disappeared. Cracks and water damage were everywhere. The owners gave Harvey a year lease on the tower and a small footprint of land around it. Harvey rounded up other locals with good memories of the Yanks and those with no memories but lots of curiosity, like Ron and Carol Batley, post-war baby boomers.

But you have to bear in mind that none of us had any experience in keeping a museum. Rosenthal had volunteered for two tours with the th, flown a series of wrecks to safety, and been shot down twice, the last time over Berlin. Rosenthal sent his dress uniform and his formidable array of medals. A bombardier sent the 35 bomb tags he signed for on his 35 missions, all mounted on a map of Germany.

Continue or Give a Gift.It is less than km from London and only 8 km from Huntingdon. Always used by the British forces, the base is run by the United States of America now. It is actually one […]. It is among the most populated American bases located in the United Kingdom. It hosts over employees — both military and civilian, three different units and 15 associate tenant units.

History The history of this military base began in While the […]. It exclusively hosts American troops. It is located in Suffolk, in the eastern part of the United Kingdom. Among the Air Force personnel, the base is famous for hosting the Liberty Wing. The installation is a […]. RAF Mildenhall was opened in the early s to provide British air capabilities in Europe, though it did not receive its first squadron of aircraft until It was deactivated immediately following the war but was subsequently reopened in to […].

It is located in the central part of the kingdom, in North Yorkshire. The military base deals with intelligence and communication services. It is said to be the widest and most important monitoring site in the world. It […]. It is located in Northamptonshire, in the central part of the United Kingdom.

It is one of the widest military switchboards of Europe.The 91st Bombardment Group was a heavy bomber group equipped with the B and that formed part of the Eighth Air Force's strategic bomber force from November until the end of the Second War World.

The Group formed at Harding Field on 15 Aprilwith the same four squadrons that it contained for the rest of the war. The group moved twice in the next four months, while training with the Boeing B Flying Fortress.

The group operated the B throughout the Second World War. In October the group moved to Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire, where it remained for the rest of its time in England. All three of its squadrons shared the same base while in England.

8th air force bases in england

It was allocated to the forces available for Operation Torch, but didn't make the move to Africa, although crucial supplies and reinforcements were diverted, reducing the group's ability to operate late in The group's first British base was Kimbolton, but the runways turned out not to be suitable for the B and in mid-October the group moved to the pre-war RAF base at Bassingbourn. The Group entered combat on 7 November during an attack on the U-boat pens at Brest. At first it was used to attack coastal targets, including submarine pens, shipyards, harbours and docks.

On 23 November the group was the target of one of the first 'head on' attacks, a new Luftwaffe tactic that avoided most of the B's guns and targeted the aircraft's vulnerable nose. The group suffered heavy losses during this raid. On 27 January the group took part in the first Eighth Air Force heavy bomber raid on Germany, an attack on the German navy base at Wilhelmshaven.

This phase of operations lasted until mid The group then took part in the full strategic bombing campaign, attacking industrial targets in occupied Europe and Germany.

The group took part in the attacks of the ball bearing plant at Schweinfurt, and lost ten Bs, the second-worst losses during the attack. It won its first Distinguished Unit Citation for an attack on Hamm on 4 March and its second for its performance during an attak on German aircraft factories on 11 January On 4 January the group took part in an attack of Kiel, becoming the first Bombardment Group in the Eighth Air Force to take part in missions.

At this stage the 91st BG had also lost more aircraft and more men on operations than any other group. On 6 March the group took part in the first large American raid on Berlin, suffering heavy losses in the attack. In the summer of the group took part in the operations that supported the Normandy invasions. On July it took part in a heavy bomber attack on German troops around St.

Lo and in August attacked the German lines at Caen. During the Battle of the Bulge the group attacked German communications behind the front line.

8th air force bases in england

It was used during the crossing of the Rhine to attack airfields, bridges and railways. It was inactivated in the US on 7 November Help - F. Follow DrJohnRickard. BD Fearless Freddie.

Boeing BF Desperate Journey. BG 'Zootie Cutie'. A very detailed account of the costly American daylight raids on Regensburg and Schweinfurt of 17 Augusta pair of maximum effort attacks that were meant to cripple parts of German industry but instead made it clear that even the heavily armed B Flying Fortress couldn't operate without fighter escort.All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. World War 2. Britain in WW2. Wiki User Some of the B bases still exist, preserved as memorials to the men to flew hazardous daylight raids over europe. There were Maritime, transport, training and fighter squadrons stationed in the UK on over 70 bases spread out over the entire country, but the ones we remember best are the B17 bomber stations such as those featured in the film 'Memphis Belle' the documentary not the ghastly Hollywood moviewith names like Steeple Mordern and Chipping Ongar.

The reasons were relatively flat country, low population density and a short distance to the European heartland. Anonymous Defense industries and military bases were located there. Francisco Franco was the Spanish military dictator during World War 2. The American's set up bases in Britain during World War 2. These bases were used to house the military forces, store supplies and aide in communication. Asked in Movies When did drive-in movies become popular?

Shortly after World War II. Many Florida cities were used used as military bases during the Spanish American war because nearly located Cuba was one of the main theaters of this war.

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The war that had the most military casualties was World War II. There were 1, military casualties during that time. Around 25 Million military serviceman were killed during World War 2. During World War 2, women were involved in war work and as members of the military.

The number of American military personnel that served during World War I was 4,Many of the aircraft used on this first raid are seen here on a training exercise over England. Nazaire, France; May 1, ; 2,lb bomb [] Kiel, Germany; May 14, ; lb bomb [] Kiel, Germany; May 19, ; lb bomb [] Hals, Germany; June 22, ; lb bomb [] Bremen, Germany; June 25, ; lb bomb [] Heroya, Norway; July 24, ; lb bomb [] Hamburg, Germany; July 26, ; lb bomb [] Kiel, Germany; July 29, ; lb bomb [].

A cal bullet tied to a handkerchief dropped by elated pilot Capt Lawrence Dwyer, Eighth Air Force, while "buzzing" his airfield at Bassingbourn, England, on May 14, He had just completed his 25th and last mission over enemy territory, and he was one of the first pilots in the group to do so.

Air Force photo. For the first year, Eighth Air Force heavy bombers attacked submarine bases and production facilities, along with industrial and military targets in German-occupied France. Unfortunately, bombing U-Boat bases and shipyards had little effect in stopping the devastating attacks of German submarines in the Atlantic. Even so, bomber leaders and crews gained valuable experience as they experimented with different tactics and techniques.

The famed BF Memphis Belle flew in combat during this period. Arming wire tag from one of the bombs dropped by the Eighth Air Force in its first heavy bomber raid against Nazi-occupied Europe, against the Rouen-Sotteville railway yards in France on August 17, Bremen, Germany; April 17, ; 1,lb bomb []. Lorient, France; May 17, ; 1,lb bomb []. Nazaire, France; May 1, ; 2,lb bomb []. Kiel, Germany; May 14, ; lb bomb []. Kiel, Germany; May 19, ; lb bomb []. Hals, Germany; June 22, ; lb bomb [].

Bremen, Germany; June 25, ; lb bomb []. Heroya, Norway; July 24, ; lb bomb []. Hamburg, Germany; July 26, ; lb bomb []. Kiel, Germany; July 29, ; lb bomb []. He had just completed his 25 th and last mission over enemy territory, and he was one of the first pilots in the group to do so.To reach RAF Lakenheath's base operator:.

8th air force bases in england

On base callers dial - 0. Local off base callers dial — International DSN callers dial — F a.

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Sa 10 a. Su 11 a.

WW2 Grafton Underwood USAAF Air Base - UK B-17 Bomber with a ghostly sound caught on video.

The Finance and Parcel Pick-up window will promptly reopen at 4 p. The Civilian Personnel Office offers a full range of strategic human resource support to the United Kingdom, and Norway.

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Sanitizing after sorties. The 48th Maintenance Group is ensuring combat readiness in response to the COVID pandemic by sanitizing the cockpit of every aircraft after each flight. Liberty Wing conducts flying operations. Renovating for readiness.

Air Force Tech. The capability to test locally has reduced the wait time for results from days to less than hours. Matthew Plew. Sew many masks, so little time. The fabric used for each mask falls within guidelines of the Department of Defense color restrictions and are assembled for mask wearers to insert a filter if needed. Video Dashboard.

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8th air force bases in england

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